How to make decisions under pressure in your business

In this podcast episode (and blog post), I’m sharing a simple process for how to make a good decision when you feel a lot of pressure or when you feel emotional about the situation. This episode (number 52) is part of the Goals Series on the podcast.

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Today I want to share about an experience that I had the other day in a very unrelated area to business.

And I want to share about how I was able to connect some dots and realize some big “aha” epiphanies for how that situation is actually very related to my business (even though it doesn’t seem like it from the outside).

first, a little about my health journey (the “unrelated” area)

I’ve been doing strength training consistently for about the last month.

It’s kind of a big deal for me because in the past I haven’t really stuck with a routine for my health/fitness.

In the past, it’s been more of “Oh, I’ll just do what I want to do, when I want to do it. I’ll go on a walk when I want to walk and I’ll run when I want to run, and I’ll do yoga when I want to do yoga.”

But I was in a place where I was ready for some structure, and I reached out to somebody and they provided some structure for me. The process of deciding who to hire and work with as your coach is a whole other story, but I talk about it a little bit in episode #21 – How to Choose A Coach For You Using Human Design.

I couldn’t be happier with my coach, and I can already feel my muscles getting bigger.

And that’s great.

Why does this matter, you might be wondering…

Overall, for me in my life, I don’t have a lot of mind drama around my body.

I know for some people (many people) this isn’t true, but I’m sharing this example for me to show you an example about business and how to make a decision. Because the way we make an aligned decision in one area is the same way we do it in all areas, but there are some areas of our life that are just full of emotional charge that it’s hard to have an objective opinion.

So again, back to this “unrelated” area of my life. For me, there’s a number on the scale. It is what it is. It goes up, it goes down. Whatever.

I just, I don’t have a whole lot of like attachment to the number. I haven’t made it mean much about who I am as a person in the same way as I have with other things – my business, for example (more on that in a minute).

So I’ve been enjoying the strength training. I feel strong. And the other day I was thinking, “I want to change like my body composition a little bit.”

I know I’m building some muscle, but I kind of want to lose some of the fat.

And so I very quickly and easily thought of a few options.

  • I could add more movement in my day.
  • I could change my eating habits.

Please keep in mind I’m showing you an example of how my brain works, not giving any sort of health advice.

I had a couple options, and I very calmly and objectively was making this decision, which…for some…would not be this easy.

And it was interesting because in that moment there was zero emotional charge to it.

It was a very neutral feeling, with a hint of curiosity or intrigue – “I wonder” or “What if” type emotion.

I realized that in some areas of my life, making decisions was very easy and fast.

And in other areas, it took a long time with a lot of back-and-forth and emotion (i.e. my business).

Now, Making decisions in my business (harder for me)

Like I said before, for my health, the number on the scale doesn’t affect me much as far as self-worth or self-love goes.

However, my business on the other hand is a different story.

For me, if my business is doing well, it’s easy for me to decide that I’m a good person, and I have purpose and I’m worthy of love.

And if it doesn’t do well, then I think more negatively about myself.

In human design, I attribute this to my G center, the identity center. On my Human Design chart, this center is completely open.

This means the identity I have and the way I approach self-love, or purpose is going to be very fluid for me.

And it’s in these open centers where we have limiting beliefs.

For me, there’s a lot of my identity wrapped up in my business (I’m a work in progress, AND I have work to do here still).

For someone else with my design, it could be your health or your weight that’s the more “sensitive” subject.

So, as I was making that decision about what my next steps would be in my fitness journey, I realized I could use this strategy in my business to create a more objective decision making process, especially as it relates to goals.

What did I do in my, in that health conversation (which was all in my head by the way) versus what do I do in my business goals?

And how can we map that across so that when I think of my business goals, I can think of them with the same kind of like excitement and curiosity and like, you know, this is, this sounds fun. Let’s just try it. That kind of energy.

Here are the four steps to my strategy:

  1. I had a desire
  2. I came up with some options that would lead to the desired result
  3. I picked one
  4. I try it for a while

And if I map that across to my business, can I apply the same strategy and let it be neutral?

Here’s a made-up example:

  1. Desire: I want to grow my Instagram account
  2. Options: Post daily reels for a month – Do market research – Use more keywords – Use different hashtags – Collaborate
  3. Pick one: Let’s say I choose market research
  4. I try it for a month and see how it goes

How often do we make this process so much more complicated than it needs to be, right?

start with the desire, not the problem

I also think it’s important to mention here that in the health side of this journey and the experience that I was just describing, I didn’t start with finding a problem.

I didn’t start with like, “Oh, I just am so unhappy with how my body looks”. That’s not where I started.

I started noticing something that was improving and something that was going well.

I noticed my muscles are growing and I feel strong.

How often are you focusing on the things that aren’t going the way you want them to?

And then we’re trying to fix the thing that’s not going the way we want it to. Which is starting in the wrong place, and it’ll lead to more problems down the road. I promise.

What if we start acknowledging the things that are going well, the things that have improved, and then we try to build on them?

Do more of what’s working and less of what’s not.

How to determine what’s going well?

Start with asking some questions:

  • What did you like that happened in your business?
  • What feels good in your business?
  • What tasks do you enjoy?
  • What is a positive shift you’ve seen recently?

Once you know the desire, follow the rest of the steps.

Application to your life & business

I would really love for you to think about some different areas of your life and think of one that has no (or very little) mind drama.

Think of one that you just don’t really care that much about it.

Maybe it’s like whether your lawn is mowed, or the landscaping outside your house. Maybe it’s what outfit your kid wears to school.

It doesn’t really matter what it is, it just matters how you feel about it.

Once you have a neutral topic, think of a time that you have set a goal in that area.

You may not have even thought of it as a goal. It might have been a thought.

How did you approach this goal? What did you do?

Then, once you’ve got your strategy mapped out, you can apply this strategy to an area of your life where you may have more “mind drama”.

And I want you to see if you can use that strategy from the neutral area and map it across into this other area and see how that feels.

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