Why I started My Business (with Very little time on my hands)

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The start of my online business journey

Hello and welcome to this episode of the Redeeming Roots Podcast. In this episode, I’m going to share my origin entrepreneur story. So this is going to what was happening in my life that I thought it’s such a good idea that I start a business right now with no previous business owner experience and how it’s evolved since then.

What has happened?

I started my business in 2018, so right now, at the time of this recording, it’s 2023, which means we’ve had some years behind us. I feel like I’m pretty experienced at the whole business owner life right now, and it is very, very different. How I show up in my business, how I work in my business, the things that I’m working on in my business are very different from when I started. So I thought it’d be helpful to give you just kind of an origin type story. So here we go.

Before it started…

We lived in Washington on a five acre little mini farm in 2018. He had this dream of homesteading and being self-sufficient and growing your own food, and I was like this person who I killed my mom’s plants when she left on vacation because I forgot about them and didn’t water them.

So that was was me. I was like, I’m not sure that’s going to work. But he was excited about it. And over, what was it, like eight years? We kept kind of reading stories and we loved the idea of just having animals and letting them care for the land and having farm fresh eggs.

And it was like I totally latched on from the food perspective because I loved food and loved cooking, and I loved really wholesome real food quality ingredients. And I loved the idea of farm fresh eggs. That sounds amazing. That’s like the freshest you can get.

Doing the farm homestead thing

And so we kind of were on this, we had it in the back of our minds someday. We are going to have some property, we’ll have the animals, we’ll do the farm thing. And it was kind of always this someday type thing, and that the timing never felt right and he was working in a job that required him to be closer to the big city. And it was like, we don’t really love the idea of a long commute.

We’ve got the kids. So anyway, then there came a time when my husband lost his job. His company said, we’re shutting down and you will work for the next, what was it, two or three weeks, and then you no longer have a job with us.

setback or opportunity?

And somehow, I don’t know if you’ve ever been in this situation when something totally unexpected happens, it kind of opens up all these doors. It was like, wow, okay, well, that’s what we thought we were going to. That was the path we thought we were going to be on, but now we’re not. So then it’s like if that door closes, what other doors are out there? And for us, it was like this opportunity. It was like, alright, you know what we’re going to do?

We’re going to sell our house while you don’t have a job. We’re going to go move to the country. And we did. We found this rundown five acre farm, old hobby farm from the 1940s and totally overgrown, but we loved it. We saw the potential. We saw it was a bit of a whirlwind, if I’m honest, getting our two kids packed up, selling our house, moving our house, getting it all kind of fixed up how we wanted it.

And then we lived in this place where it was, like I said, a rundown property. There were blackberry bushes climbing every building. There was a half acre of apple trees that were so overgrown with blackberries.

The blackberry bushes were growing 20 feet up into these really old apple trees. You couldn’t even walk over to the apple trees. You could not, when we first moved in, we had to hire some people to come and clear out the bushes.

So I’m painting this picture for you because this is setting up this story of why I started a blog.

what was i thinking?

What was I thinking? Why did I do this?

And the barns were from the 1940s, they were semi-stable, although leaning, we lived in the northwest, which means in the spring, the grass grows at an exponential rate. And me being so excited about moving to a farm, I was like, we have to have animals.

We’re moving to a farm. So I bought, let’s see, I found four goats. I was like, we’re going to buy the goats. We’re going to get the goats. We’re going to have goat babies. We’re going to do the milk, we’re going to make the cheese. We’re doing all the homesteading things. I was excited about the goats. I mean, so cute. So we moved in and one thing led to another, and we had 25 chickens and four goats that were pregnant, and a big dog that was guarding them.

And we had to have fencing for all of them.

And it was a lot.

My husband still had a full-time job. He found another job in this time, and he was working full-time, commuting to the office. And I had two young kids. And so now the story really begins. That was the pre-story.

looking to improve

So I would look around at our property while he was at work and while I was watching the kids, and I have a gift of finding things to improve. It is a gift, and sometimes it is not a gift, but I view it as a gift, and it is just important to express it at the right times. However. So I would look around and I’d be like, oh, you know what we need to do? We need to move the goats over there, which means we need to put up a whole new fence over there because the goats need to eat down the grass over there.

And then if we move the goats over there, we need to move the chickens here. I mean, I was strategizing our little mini farm.

And then my husband would get home and I’d be like, okay, I’ve got a plan. I know what we need to do. It’ll be really quick. We could just do it right now. And I’m really excited to get something done. And he’s exhausted from his day of work. So he walks in the door and we would have a lot of these interactions where he’s like, can we do it on the weekend? And I was like, okay, that’s fine. And inside my body, the pressure’s building. I’m like, okay, yeah, that’s fine. We can wait. And so I would just kind of start these lists, and eventually, after being at the farm for, I don’t know, nine months maybe, I started to really feel like I need a project that rely on my husband to go do manual labor at the end of his workday.

I need something where I can just do it when I want to do something. Because the thing with the farm projects was it’s like, okay, go put all this fencing in, but I’m not going to go dig post holes and put up fencing with my two kids there.

I could go out at nap time, however, it was not the situation that I could really just go do it all. I really needed a partner. I needed him to be there to either do the work or hell watch the kids so I could do the work. Anyway, I’m painting a picture for you and I hope you’re getting the visual.

i needed something for me

So I needed something for myself, and I started Googling, how could I contribute to the family finances and how could I have a creative outlet? What would I want to do? And I landed on a blog because I was like, that sounds great.

I could do that on my own time. It doesn’t require set hours. I could be my own boss. So many wonderful things for the reasons that I chose a blog. And then it was like, well, what topic am I going to talk about? And at the time, I was like, well, I am a parent. However, I feel like I’m still really struggling in the parenting department. I wouldn’t say I’m an expert.

And so I didn’t want to start a parenting blog. I was just thinking through what do I have to offer?

A food blog was born

And one thing that I did really love doing was cooking, and I really loved cooking things from scratch. I had been on this journey of like, oh, let me learn how to make bread. That sounds fun. Oh, let’s learn sourdough. That sounds fun. Oh, let’s get a flour mill and let’s grind our own flour from wheat berries.

That’s really fun. And then I would be like, oh, salad dressings. Let me look at the ingredient label at the store. And it’s like, why do they have this many ingredients? You really only need three. So I just found these ways to simplify food that we were already doing. And I was like, I can really help people, because people that I had talked to, they really felt intimidated by food. They were like the whole food system, how we walk into the store, and we just see all these things that are prepackaged, and we just kind of assume that it must be too complicated to make it on your own because they’re making it in the factory. But really, if you think about it, every food on the shelf once started in somebody’s kitchen. So if you look at cookies, there’s a bunch of packaged cookies.

But the whole reason that there’s packaged cookies is because people used to make cookies in their kitchen from scratch, and then they wanted to make it simpler and more convenient. So they put ’em into packages, and you can say that for every single thing in the grocery store that you buy packaged. So I loved the idea of helping people bring that back into their own kitchen, making cookies from scratch, making pancake batter from scratch, making popsicles from scratch, making salad dressings and other desserts and other sauces and delicious things.

So for a few years, I just hit the ground running. I made lots of recipes, lots and lots of recipes, and was able to get into a premium ad network, which means that I was making money on my blog, which was very exciting. At that point, it felt like I could take a breath.

I was like, all right, I had this really big push for a while. I’m going to take a breath and reevaluate. So once you hit a goal, a lot of times you get that opportunity to just pause and decide, okay, now what? Am I going to take a break? Am I going to just sit where I’m at? Or am I going to push towards a different goal? And I had a different goal. I wanted to make more money, and I didn’t really want to keep pushing so hard on the recipes. Instead, I really liked the idea of helping people in a deeper way. So I started to make online courses. And so I have a course on meal planning, which really helps just walk step by step.

I had this process that I used for meal planning, and it was helpful for people on my blog and on my email list.

And so I made a course that really walks people through, how do you do this in a way that’s going to work for you? I made a budgeting course that is the same theme. If you’re looking back on my story, it’s the same thing. I’m simplifying things and I’m helping people do it in a way that’s going to work for them. So I did that with recipes. I did that with meal planning, I did that with budgeting, and eventually after the courses, it was like, I really love helping people and I want to do it even more. I want to go deeper, right?

Remember, I told you I love personal growth.

Starting A Coaching Business

I was like, and so I kind of was sitting in that in-between space for a while when I was presented with the opportunity to go to an in-person training where I would get some certifications and they were deep work.

And I mean, I’m here for it. So personal growth, love it. And I was like, alright, I am going to go to this thing. Maybe it’ll just help me be a better mom. Maybe it will help me in my business and maybe it will help me launch a coaching career. So I went during that seven day training. Yes, I learned so many tools, so many tools.

Not only did I learn the tools I learned, I went through the process of having people do the exercises on me. So it was years of therapy condensed into a week and really intense and really deep and really, really meaningful where I was working through these limiting beliefs and mindset, just self-talk that I didn’t fully conscious of.

I didn’t really know that was kind of there keeping me stuck where I was at. And I’m so grateful that I went to the program and I’m so grateful for the people that I met there and the community that now I am exposed to.

And just a part of leaving that training. I felt like a totally different person. So I came home and just feeling so grateful for the whole opportunity, and I still wasn’t a hundred percent clear. I knew more people needed to know about this. When I was there. I was like, why doesn’t everyone know this? Why is this type of work just not more widely accepted and widely talked about?

And so it kind of lit this fire in my belly of I need to share this with as many people as possible. However, what I kept doing in my head was thinking, okay, well yeah, all these different types of people could use this work, but who could I help them with?

It’s framing it well. Well, I’m just Megan, who could Megan help? Well, Megan could maybe help that person, but maybe not that person. And I really was doing that self-sabotaging again, and I went to another week-long training, and really got the opportunity to work through what I was doing and was so, so helpful and impactful because leaving there, I was really left with like, oh my goodness, I know that I can help anyone.

Who do I want to help? Who am I really excited to help? And what do I want to talk about? So at this moment, I am most excited to talk about and help people break through those own self-sabotaging beliefs that we all have that are keeping you from getting results. So specifically, I love, love helping business owners with this. So obviously this stuff can help anyone. And if you’re like, well, but I’m not a business owner and I want to work with you, reach out.

I would love to talk to you and see if it would be a good fit. The person that I’m loving, loving, loving, helping is those successful business owners who’ve been at it a while. They were kind of in the position I was in.

They’ve been at it a while, and they’re feeling stuck. Why am I not growing? Why am I not getting to where I want to go? And often, if not always, there is a mindset component to it. And there are things going on in your past that are kind of keeping you stuck, beliefs that you have that are keeping you stuck. You can have a lot of different parts in your brain that are like one part of you wants to be successful, but the other part wants to just take it easy.

And how do those things, I can’t be successful and take care of my health, or I can’t be successful and be a good mom.

So we all have these stories that our brains have come up with based on childhood, what we saw growing up based on conversations that we’ve had and things people have shared with us, and just based on our design and who we are, we’re going to be more susceptible to different beliefs and conditioning, all that kind of thing.

So I started because I was desperate for this outlet. I needed something for myself. And now I’m at this place where I am not desperate, but I’m so eager and so excited and so hungry to help people just transform in the way that I’ve transformed and break through those barriers and just see what is possible for them. When they take those walls down, they break through and see what is on the other side.

Because the truth is that you were made for so much awesomeness. You have an incredible purpose, and you have, there’s a reason that you’re here.

And if you are sitting there feeling like, well, life is just blah, I’m here to tell you that life could be so much more amazing. You could be having so much more fun with more joy. And it’s not like this fake, oh, I’m kind of happy, but not really.

It’s like a deep inner joy when you can clear through your past and clear through those negative emotions that are keeping you stuck and break through and really unite those different parts of your brain to really elevate your thinking and get you to where you want to go. So I would really love to talk to you and just talk about the different techniques that we use.

Talk about where you’re at in your business, in your life. How can I help you really reach those goals and get the results that you are wanting? Because that’s what matters.

It’s not about me, it’s not about, here’s what I want for you.

The first thing we do when we work together is figure out where are you now and where do you want to be?

And we get you there.

So please reach out.

I would really love to check in. I’m on Instagram at @itsmeganbarrett and would really, really, really love to chat with you and see how things are going for you and just hear what’s going on and just feel out how can I help you with this.

Next Steps

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