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In this episode, I’m sharing who I am, why I’m starting a podcast, who it’s for, and what you can expect in upcoming episodes. Thanks so much for being here!

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Podcast Transcript

Welcome to the Redeeming Roots podcast. I am so excited you are here listening. I just wanted to take this time, this episode zero, to give you a little bit of background. I’m going to introduce myself. I’m going to tell you why I’m starting a podcast and what you can expect on the podcast episodes.

I have a little bit of a cold, and it’s kind of interesting because this cold is kind of sticking around and I’ve been waiting for it to go away so that I can record these episodes and it just hasn’t.

So you know what? I’m just going to do it anyway, which is one of the things that I am a big proponent of, right? Done is better than perfect.

I’m not going to be hacking in your ear, don’t worry. I just have a little bit of sinus pressure. So if you are someone who can relate to wanting things to be perfect and they’re not perfect, this maybe is an encouragement to you to just do it.

A Little Bit About Me

Anyway, let’s get started. Who am I? I’m Megan Barrett.

Nice to meet you virtually in your ear (and in this blog post). Happy to be here with you today.

I am a wife to a very supportive and loving husband, Marshal. I’m a mom to three girls. Right now at the time of this recording, they are eight, six, and coming up on two years old, three girls.

I am a business owner and I just love personal development. I love it. It’s just so much fun. I love learning about myself. I love learning about how other people are wired and how I’m wired and how we’re different and how we’re the same.

I love growing and entrepreneurship has been a really great outlet for that.

For me, it’s just such a big journey of growth for sure. I love parenting because it’s, again, personal growth. I feel like kids bring out these parts of us that are needing healed. If we get triggered, something comes up, that’s a sign that it’s like an invitation.

Dig deeper, see what’s going on there. So I’m here for all of it. I’m here for it.

My Business Background

And so let me just tell you a little bit more about my business background. I ventured into the online business world in 2018.

It started as a food blog because I was just kind of pestering my husband when he got home. I was a stay-at-Home mom. He’d get home and I’d be like, Hey, I have this list of things we can do. Aren’t you so excited about that? And he is very kind and loving person. So he never really complained.

However, I could kind of sense that there was some tension. So I need something to do that wasn’t going to harm our relationship. And that’s something that was just for me, that I wanted something that was a creative outlet for me.

I loved the idea of contributing to our family’s finances, and I didn’t love the idea of going back to work. I still wanted to be the mom who was at home taking care of my kids as the primary caregiver.

Starting My First Business

So I started this blog. I started a food blog. It’s called Scratch to Basics.

It’s still there. I still manage it, and it was kind of an interesting experience coming up with what I was going to do as a side hustle. If you have a side hustle or you’ve thought about starting a side hustle, it’s kind of an interesting process because you Google, “what can I do to make money on the side or what side”?

Side gigs, side hustles, and there’s so many options.

So I read through these huge lists, and I can go into more detail another time, but the thing that really landed was like, I love food. I love cooking.

It wasn’t always that way, but I love making things from scratch. I think it’s just so fun to just go whip up a salad dressing. And often when I would talk to people, I found that a lot of people weren’t like that. They were really intimidated by food, and they hadn’t really paid attention to the ingredient labels on food.

So I thought, I’m just going to help people see that it doesn’t have to be super complicated. And so I started this food blog as just this journey of simplifying things for people. I saw something that it was a need, and I was like, I can meet this need.

And I showed up and I did it, and I have over a hundred recipes on there, lots of meal planning tips, and it was just a really awesome introduction to entrepreneurship and just owning my own business through the process of just that, running my own business, a food blog, kind of treating it more like a business.

I started down on a more personal growth journey with it. I feel like when you have a blog or a side hustle, there’s a point where you decide is this just going to stay this hobby type thing, or am I going to try and really turn it into a business?

Mindset of Entrepreneurship

And there’s a mindset shift that happens there. And so once I was like, I really do like this. I really love the idea of owning my own business and I still want to be at home with my kids.

And so figuring out what that could look like, it led to some beliefs, like deep beliefs that came up. I don’t know if I can do this, some imposter syndrome, some I can’t be successful and be a good mom. A lot of people might have that belief.

When I started working on my own inner world through business, what happened was that a lot of other areas in my life actually started to shift. So I saw my marriage improve. Just my relationship with my kids, how I viewed myself as a mom, really, really improved. I mean, I’ve always been a pretty calm on the exterior kind of person.

Shifting the negative self-talk

People have told me for a long time, “Oh, you’re so calm…you can handle so much…you’re good under pressure”. But what they didn’t see was the self-talk that was happening in my own head.

So if we were having people over for my kid’s birthday party and we were running kind of behind, I could be kind of calm and really focused on the outside, but on the inside I would be saying things like,

  • “How could you do this?”
  • “Why couldn’t you do this better?”
  • “You should be doing a better job at this.”
  • “You’re a terrible mom.”
  • “You’re _______….”

We all have this self-talk and a lot of it’s not great until you start doing the work.

And so that was really through this process, I really became aware of these thoughts that were coming into my head and how that was really pointing to some deeper things that needed to be worked out.

So really the true measure of how calm a person is, it’s not if you can keep your cool externally, although I mean some people can do that really well and that’s great. However, really being calm is like what thoughts are coming up for you internally when you’re faced with pressure?

So when you’re under pressure with a deadline at work, or your kids are throwing a fit or your husband’s irritated at you, what are you saying to yourself? What’s coming up in your mind?

If you’re able to handle pressure and still have thoughts inside your head that are encouraging to you and supportive of the person that you want to be, that’s like, that’s the dream.

That is the goal.

What this podcast is all about

And so that’s part of what we’re doing here on this podcast.

Most people haven’t realized that we have this self-talk and that you can control it. You can choose the words that you say to yourself, and most people don’t realize that. They just assume they’re stuck with whatever thoughts are coming into their head, and that’s not the case.

Coaching Certification & Trainings

In October of 2022, I went to an in-person, seven day training, and it totally changed my life.

I’m going to tell the whole story another day in a separate episode. But in that training, I went because I thought, “I’m going to learn how to be a better mom”.

I’m going to learn some new tools. Sure, it’ll be great if it could help my business.

But what it ended up helping the most was really this really deep inner work of healing parts of my past that were really bringing up, keeping me stuck with these negative emotions from traumas and experiences in my past that I didn’t even realize needed to be healed.

So I was certified in NLP and QTT hypnosis, NLP Life coaching, and since have been to another seven day training, the next level of it just because I love this stuff guys. I love it.

Looking back on myself a year ago….

So one year ago from now, right now it is May 4th, 2023, one year ago, May 4th, 2022. I feel like I’m really not the same person. I look about the same.

My life circumstances are pretty similar, but the stories inside my head, the things that I’m saying to myself are completely different, completely different. The way I parent, the way I talk to my husband, the way that I am able to interact with other people and hear their really strong emotions or really hard things without taking them on myself.

It just is a totally different perspective, and I want to really share that with the world.

I could go into the nerdiness of like, “Hey, let’s talk about all the brain neural networks”, which I really do talk about that a lot, but I’m going to really try and make this podcast super practical so that it’ll be a topic or a conversation with someone like, “Hey, I was experiencing this thing and then I did this work and now not”.

Those are the transformation stories that we’re going to be highlighting on the podcast. So I’ll be talking about different topics and I’m going to have some people on as guests, and I’m really, really excited about that.

My Hope for you

So I’m really, really passionate about making sure every single person knows that there is hope out there.

If you are stuck, if you are struggling, if you are like, “why is life like this?”

Oh my goodness, I really, really, really want you to reach out to me on Instagram.

Send me an email, find me on my website. Find me, because I promise you that there’s hope for you.

Starting the podcast

Okay, so why a podcast? Some people might be like, why are you starting a podcast? You already have a blog.

You’re already on Instagram, and those things are true. However, I had this idea, I don’t know, a year or two ago, I was like, Ooh, a podcast sounds kind of fun, but I’m not sure I have anything to say, right?

Human design is something that’s really changed my outlook on life and myself and how I interact with the world and how I show up in my business.

It’s based on your time of birth and your date of birth, and it really gives you a really awesome glimpse into who you are and what gifts you have to share the world and how your energy is going to show up in the world.

Human Design

It is not a religion, it is not a belief system.

It’s just another way to experience personal growth and development.

So I’m in the process of getting certified in human design (edit: I am now certified in Human Design), and so I’m going to be incorporating some of that into all the work that I do.

However, why I’m mentioning this now is because in human design there’s five different “types”.

I’m a manifestor, which means that I’m here to speak, to start new things. And I have energy that needs to come out of my throat. And the thing is that my whole life, I have believed that I don’t have anything to share.

I’ve been a really quiet person, and it’s a wound that I’m actively working on healing.

It’s like a really deep wound actually, because it’s taking a while, and this podcast is one of those things that I’m doing to give myself a virtual stage so I have a microphone in front of me. I’m going to pretend like I’m living into my own inner rockstar and show up as that person that I know that I was created to be.

Because the thing is that once I start talking about something that I’m really passionate about, words come to me and it’s like magic happens because I feel like I can just feel the energy coming out of me.

And I know that those are words that need to be said. I’ve had experiences where I’ve shared something that just felt really strong in my heart, and I didn’t know how it was going to be received. I was saying it because I knew it needed to be said.

And people have come back to me saying, that really changed the trajectory of what they were doing because of what I said to them.

So I know I have something to say, and I am starting this podcast kind of to prove to myself that I have something to share with the world and as just a way to really form my business, my coaching business, and really make it practical for people to see how can this work help you in your daily life?

So who is this podcast for?

This podcast is really going to be for anyone who really loves that personal growth work, who wants to dig deeper, wants to learn about what’s going on underneath the surface to cause those thoughts and feelings that are going to lead to your behaviors and results.

So I’m going to offer examples from my parenting experience, my business experience, relationships, just my experience with how this kind of work has played out in all these different areas.

I’ll be sharing some client stories (only if I’ve been cleared to share them). I won’t be sharing anything that’s confidential, and I will be interviewing on specific topics that are related to this transformative work, personal growth, and at this point, that’s my plan.

So I give myself permission to change direction in the future. This is podcast episode zero. We’ll see, you’re kind of on a journey with me. You’re on the ride.

I love talking about intuition and decision making and how do you make decisions that feel right and aligned with you. How do you make decisions fast and not delay on them for months and months and months and making decisions that you’re not going to regret? Really feeling good about those decisions.

I love talking about business specifically. How are you as a business owner, self-sabotaging your success without even realizing it? So we’re going to talk about a lot of that. We will be, will incorporate some human design because I think it’s just such an interesting way to view you as a person and how you show up in your business and how you show up as a mom.

And even looking at your human design charts for your kids has been a game changer for me.

Everything that I’m going to share is going to be from that brain-based perspective. So what’s happening in your brain, and not only what’s happening, but what do you do it, and how practically can you use this information to promote wholeness and health and healing in yourself and in others? So if that sounds good to you, then I am just so excited to have you here.

Go ahead and subscribe (it’s free), follow, follow along with me, share with a friend. I just appreciate you so much for being here and cannot wait to dig into the next episodes.

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