Client Testimonial – Kylene

Kylene’s Story

Hi, my name is Kylene and I am a sexual betrayal trauma recovery coach. I had the absolute pleasure to work with Megan as a coach, and she helped me both on some personal levels and with my business as well. She is an amazing coach who has a really great way of kind of zooming out and kind of discerning what the issue is, and then being able to zoom in right to the root of the problem so that you can unravel it and process it in a way that just makes so much sense when you do it with her. And it’s so cool because she has this perspective that I didn’t even really have. So we would have these conversations. She would ask me where I’m stuck or where I’m struggling. I would explain the situation and she would be able to zoom in and figure it out right away so that we could actually process it and change the results that I was getting.

So here are a couple examples of what that looked like. One was on a personal level, I was really struggling with the idea of being seen. So this was showing up in a lot of really big and small ways in my life. And I remember we were focusing on a specific issue. But what I was so surprised about is that when she helped me process this limiting belief that I had about showing up in the world authentically as myself, as the whole gregarious version of me to the world it showed up in all of these other areas once it was processed in a positive way. So, like I said, even if I’m, even if I’m focusing on one little area, it ends up showing up with positive results in so many different areas that I was not expecting. And I noticed that I would be able to walk into a room of people I didn’t know and be more myself, be more comfortable if eyes are on me, I was no longer uncomfortable.

If I’m in a Zoom room and I have to introduce myself, I didn’t get nervous anymore. Lots of little ways like that where I found myself feeling much more comfortable to be myself and to show up fully, which is so exciting. Then she was able to take a look at my business and give me some really great advice based on my personality and how I work as a business owner. And so she was able to take a lot of the pressure off. Sometimes being an entrepreneur is so hard because we feel pressure to fit in a certain box, and so Megan actually made it much more exciting for me to try new things with less pressure so that again, I can show up fully as myself in my business and get better results because I’m, I’m not having the negative energy of feeling like I have to do things a certain way. I’m actually stepping into my own authenticity and creativity and being able to show up as the unique business owner that I am and share that with the world. So if you’re considering working with Megan, I would highly recommend it. She takes so much knowledge and skill and expertise, and she also just creates it specifically for you

Using your life experience, your emotions, your human design, your personality, your needs, your fears, all of that, and just really works with you on a very unique basis so that you can get the results that you want and that you need in almost any area of your life. So, if you are thinking about working with Megan, I highly, highly, highly recommend.

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