I want to help you take action to make your biggest goals and dreams a reality…

…without the burnout, exhaustion, and overwhelm that you’re used to. Life is too short to keep your gifts and desires to yourself any longer.

Hi there…I’m Megan

business mindset coach, human design expert

My coaching services and programs are here to support you as you make big moves towards your goals. I want to help you to make your dream life a reality, in a way that feels good for you and that GIVES you energy that lasts.

Admitting you have big dreams can be scary.

Working towards your goals can feel like an uphill battle.

And asking for support along the way? That’s downright courageous.

If you’re feeling courageous, learn more about me, and learn about the ways I can support you below.

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three ways to reach your goals

(in the simplest and most sustainable way possible)

option 1

beyond burnout

This is for you if you’re just coming out of a season of burnout, or are currently feeling overwhelmed but you still have desires and dreams that you want to make a reality. It guides you step-by-step to set a baby-goal (on the way to your big goal) and achieve that goal in a way that takes into consideration the unique person you are.

Inside Beyond Burnout you will shift patterns, make a plan, and learn how to celebrate the smallest wins so you can reach your goal (and beyond) with ease. You will move beyond Burnout and step into a more powerful, more aligned version of you, with a toolbox of tools to help you continue on your journey.

LOGISTICS: This is a self-paced program, complete with a private podcast feed for all trainings, a workbook that guides you seamlessly through each of the five modules of the RENEW Framework. Beyond Burnout opens a few times each year. Get on the waitlist to be notified when it opens next.

option 2

Goal Alignment Session

You will walk away from this session with a perfectly aligned goal, a realistic (and sustainable) timeline, and awareness of (and path around) obstacles you will likely face on your way to reaching the goal. Are you ready to feel unstoppable (without fear of hitting burnout again)? Book a session today!

LOGISTICS: This is a 60 minute one-on-one session with me (Megan) where we’ll dive into your Human Design chart and we’ll talk through your goals and dreams, and specific fears around your goal. There are a limited number of these sessions available each month, so snag one as soon as you know you’re interested.

option 3

One-on-one personalized support

I reserve my one-on-one coaching spots for female entrepreneurs who are working towards (or want to be working towards) something big. These are big dreamers, driven women, and are relentlessly pursuing the life and business of their dreams. My clients want to reach their goals, but they’re not willing to sacrifice their health and precious time with their kids to get it. They’re looking for support with work/life balance, doing less to make more, and finding growth strategies that they can sustain for the long term.

This is for you if you desire accountability as you work towards shifting your patterns away from burnout, or building a business from the start that’s sustainable. If you’re ready for the perfect balance of strategy and mindset support, and you’re open to questioning your patterns to uncover the underlying obstacles that are making your dreams feel almost impossible…apply now!

LOGISTICS: This support is highly customized to meet your needs. Typically this consists of unlimited daily asynchronous coaching through M-F text support plus weekly prompts and accountability, with the possibility of 1-2 Zoom calls/month. My coaching style incorporates Human Design (if desired), mindset and emotional support, accountability, and subconscious reprogramming to help you reach your goals quickly and sustainably.

What clients say about me & my programs

My clients are brilliant business owners who are taking action and serving the world with their gifts. They’re driven, compassionate, and all-around amazing humans.


I had the absolute pleasure to
work with Megan as a coach, and she helped me both on some personal levels and with my business as
well. She is an amazing coach who has a really great way of kind of zooming out and kind of discerning
what the issue is, and then being able to zoom in right to the root of the problem so that you can
unravel it and process it in a way that just makes so much sense when you do it with her


Working with Megan has helped me clear limiting beliefs and big emotions that were holding me back from growing in my personal life. Megan approaches sensitive topics with kindness and compassion. She listens carefully to get to the heart of the matter. Megan’s calm demeanor and gentle encouragement were just what I needed to guide me through processing some tough emotions. Her willingness to hold space allowed me to be vulnerable knowing that I would make it to the other side.


Megan has helped me in so many ways in the year and a half that I’ve known her that it is hard to pick just one. What sticks out most to me though is how much possibility she has opened up for me in my life with everything that I do. I have tended to be a black and white thinker and a perfectionist, and Megan has helped me question beliefs and see past what I thought I needed to do to achieve something. She showed me that there is a whole buffet of possibilities, and in fact, it is a create-your-own-sundae kind of world. Taking on this mindset has helped me to have success and live in integrity at any stage of life. I am a mother of a three kids 3 and under, and I’m still in survival mode of motherhood. But thanks to Megan’s recent support with a launch consult,  I will soon be rolling out my first group coaching program. All the things that I thought I needed to do or that it needed to be for it to happen simply were beliefs. Megan helped me see that, and now, the program that I’m going to launch feels so much more exciting and is so much better suited to my ideal client than what I was fixated on before. I haven’t even set a launch date yet, but when I talk about it on social media, people are messaging me asking about the price and for more information!